Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lake Erie Perch

As I've said before, I love fresh Lake Erie Perch. When I was growing up, on Friday evenings during Lent I would walk to the Polish Club down the street from my dad's grocery and pick up a few fried perch dinners for my family. They included perch- fried to perfection, creamy in taste, some fries and cold cole slaw.

The fish fries crop up every year during Lent, but I hesitate, because as much as we love fried foods, it's to our benefit not to eat it. I have found that I get the same enjoyment from pan frying perch in just a little butter/olive oil mix. It really is the taste and texture of the fish itself that I love.


Frantic Home Cook said...

Just found your blog and saw the Lake Erie Perch fish fry. Looove those. We're in Cleveland and enjoy those as much as possible.

Fran Z said...

Yeah, too bad tho that a lot af frys are becoming just plain fish, not the far superior Perch!