Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricane Ike Visits OHIO!

I'm not complaining, cuz we really don't have it anywhere near as bad as the folks in the great state of Texas.
But Ike was pretty wicked, even to Ohio. The storm hit Sunday at 7 PM and knocked down a large tree in our back yard that fell on our fence. Then a few minutes later, the front yard started exploding! Two trees in front and the telephone pole went across, blocking the street.
Our power should be on by next Sunday.
Edited to add- Friday morning- they started putting up the telephone/power pole at 1:45AM! and power was restored at 6AM. Our phone and internet were reconnected at 7pm (after much cajoling by me).


giz said...

It still scares the hell outa me to see what nature can do in such a short time. Way up here in Toronto, we got the leftovers of Ike and it was gusting about 75 mph. Lots of people without power - so I can just imagine what people in the eye had to deal with.

Mary said...

Wow, you got Ike way worse than we did. But over here there aren't many big trees to blow down, mostly just cornfields! Our two trees are still standing, but my neigbor's tree blew down.

maybelle's mom said...

this really was scary. we were on the road (near University Circle) when it happened.