Friday, July 4, 2008

DB Danish Redux

I made my second danish braid today and it DID come out better than the first. I wasn't so anxious this time I guess. I took the dough from the freezer last night , and when thawed I formed my braid and filled it with this cream cheese filling -
12 oz cream cheese
1/3 cups sugar
1 egg
plus a little raspberry jelly down the middle. I let it rise in the fridge overnight and baked this morning. Much better the second time around!


bunny said...

groovey fran!! lol!! can you believe we use to say that!! i'm so glad it turned out better the second time for you! it really is a good recipe, i should have froze 1/2 of mine to use later but didn't. hope your four of july was great!!

Mónica said...

Lovely, i´m thinking about joining the daring bakers and seeing all these lovely breads just makes me want it harder. Maybe when i have more time i´ll do it.

giz said...

It's really curious why it turned out better the second time. I like the filling you used for sure. I wonder if freezing the dough does something...hmmm....verrrry interesting

Jenny said...

Good for you, trying again! Well done.

Fran Z said...

Thanks, everyone! Giz- I'm pretty sure the second one worked better because I kinda rushed proofing the first one. The 1st one I let rise in a warmed oven (turned off) for 90 min., the 2nd I let rise overnight in the fridge.