Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bake for our Troops!!

I am blogging to let you know of a great new baking group, started by Susan of Doughmesstic
called Operation Baking Gals.
The idea is to send homemade baked goods to our troops overseas. Here, in Susan's own words is the plan. "Operation Baking GALS will be supporting our troops every month, once a month, and instead of our soldiers getting deodorant and soap, they'll be getting the one thing they can't get from the canteen - Homemade goodies made with LOVE. We will be assigning a different soldier to certain sub-groups of bakers each month so that we spread the love, and that way, a homesick troop will have a package with HIS name on it, filled with goodies to share."
If you are inclined to help with baking and mailing to our guys and girls serving abroad, check out The Operation Baking Gals blog and read through for instructions.


Ingrid said...

I followed your link and emailed for instructions.
Thanks for posting the notice!

By the way I nice blog. You have a quite a few recipes I'd like to give a try!

Bunny said...

This is a wonderful idea Fran, you are a sweetheart. Thanks for giving us the information.

Fran Z said...

Thank you Ingrid! Great to be appreciated!
and Bunny, isn't this baking group a great idea?

Dazy said...

I support our troops and I am very proud of the sincerity. It has made to remember our troops and bring them smiles and cakes from home. I would like to continue support and send them wishes.

Anonymous said...

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