Thursday, May 1, 2008

Janet and Jim's B-Day Cake

Oh, This was my first time decorating with roses! My co-workers Janet and Jim who have birthdays this week made me feel great by each taking pictures of the cake to show their families! (I should have skipped making the stems!)
It was fun making the roses, even though my icing was a little thinner than I needed. Now thatI am done with Wilton course 1, our class decided to take course 2 together! More fun to come.


Dana McCauley said...

I wish you worked with me - I love buttercream!

Enjoy round two of school - sounds like a good group if you are all sticking it out for level 2.

Fran Z said...

Dana- so many buttercream recipes- mso little time! Yes we are having fun! Thanks for stopping by!

Prudence - Cake Chica said...

Hey Fran Z- I took course 1 and 2. They are a lot of fun. Your cake looks yummy! Keep up the good work!