Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cupcakes for Carol

Last Tuesday, I baked these beauties and took them to work for my coworker,Carol's, birthday (yes, another May BD!). This was the first time I had made cupcakes in a long while and now I've got THAT bug! These Wilton courses are making me fat! HeHe!
I used a doctored Duncan Hines mix, cuz Carol is kinda picky and well dang, it was her birthday so I gave her what she likes. The icing is the recipe from the back of the can of Ghirardelli premium baking cocoa. It's really a good recipe- Mark thinks it tastes like fudge.
Everyone at work ate more than 1, so I will take that as a compliment!!


Jj said...

The cupcakes look scrumptious. The best compliment is watching others eat them up, isn't it!? :)

marye said...

Chocolate cupcakes are a classic. Yum.

Dana McCauley said...

If I change my name to Carol, can I have one? I love cupcakes with loads of frosting - these look delish!